California’s Beach Beauty – SAN DIEGO!!! #paradiseOnEarth #funTrip #exploreGuide

Your guide from beaches to fun travels & food to photography to everything in San Diego….Explore this city in an unique way!!! ❤

What do you do in California when you are visiting a city for the first time? The answer is obvious…Explore the beaches!!! California has the best coastal access ❤ But what do you do when a city has so many things to offer and you have only a week in hand? There are a few cities where even photos do no justice to capture it’s beauty. Here a thousand pics trying to tell you a beautiful story 🙂

  1. Torrey Pines

Here’s where most adventures begin.This place has North America’s top paragliding and hand gliding flight school. Feel like a bird as you explore this place sky high! Flying through the cliffs with 20 M $ homes on one end of the cliff and the beautiful ocean on the other, gear up for the most breathtaking sight.


This place has one of the finest golf courses. Situated on top of a cliff, right by the Pacific Ocean, golfers have a breathtaking view of the coastline, para gilders and beyond! You should definitely visit “The Grill” on a beautiful sunny day for a heavy brunch. It offers the most exquisite dining overlooking the Golf Course and the Pacific!


For all fun hikers, there is a trail leading to the Black Sands (also known as Nude Beach) from here. This beach can be viewed while para/ hand gliding.

2. Cardiff-by-the-Sea

You can find numerous dog friendly beaches and cozy coffee shops in this stretch! Why shouldn’t your four legged friend have all the fun? Get ready for a fun jog by the waves.


3. La Jolla Cove

This place is a paradise not only for walkers but also nature lovers. Let the breeze flow through your hair! Ensure you take a walk from La Jolla Shores to Ocean walk at sunset. Quiz yourself by spotting sea lions, seals and birds on your way.

If you want to add some fun, try some water adventure activities like kayaking, snorkeling or surfing.

IMG_5193Spot the cute seals & sea lions. You will be able to hear loud screeches even from a longer distance. IMG_5200IMG_5821You can find local artists along your way. They are very friendly and can give some good insights about weather, birds and best points across the walkway where you will be able to spot something special!!!IMG_5822Looks fun, isn’t it? ❤IMG_5826Walk till the end of this Ocean Walk during sunset and enjoy being drenched by the waves 😀IMG_5308.JPG3. Coronado Island

Who wants to get a perfect tan this summer? Be prepared to be sun kissed on a beautiful after noon. Get your favorite book and ear phones to relax your soul!!! 🙂

If you would like to enjoy a free pedicure, please walk on this beach shore trying to miss the waves. ❤

Who wouldn’t like to have their wedding here??!! Blessed by Nature ❤


4. Balboa Park

A beautiful paradise in the heart of this gorgeous city!! An amazing place to take a walk to the beautiful museums, gardens, archery, zoo and be lost in the mesmerizing architecture.

IMG_5585IMG_5586Take a quick stroll at the Japanese Friendship Garden. Spring/ summer is the best blooming season. Be ready for a gorgeous photo shoot and spot bright colored fishes along your way.



A dwarf tree that I found in this garden. Nature is beautiful, isn’t it?


5. Old Town

It’s time to go Mexican!!! You can find the best Mexican food & Margaritas in this area. Evening is the best time to be!! The shops in Old Town are very beautiful and can mesmerize you with beautiful options. It’s time to get some souvenirs too 🙂

You can find beautiful chimes, ceramic pottery and pretty dresses 🙂 If you are lucky, you can  find a live band playing in the Old Town Historic Park. Shake your legs to a song or two!!


One of the best restaurants in this area is Cafe Coyote. Not only known for their delicious Mexican delicacies, but they also stand out for their service ❤  You can see a huge crowd waiting to be seated. As you are waiting, you can buy some freshly made tortillas and get excited to be seated 😀


These are some of the other restaurants you may want to try!! I liked Fred’s Mexican Cafe too 🙂 IMG_5832.JPGIMG_5840IMG_5829IMG_5830IMG_5847

6. La Jolla Downtown & Westfield Mall

You can make the most of your trip by staying in one of the downtown areas. La Jolla downtown is known for its exquisite shops and restaurants. It has a wide varieties of shops and eateries. My favorite one is the Puesto Mexican Street Food. They have the most unique combination of flowers on a flan and the MUST TRY are the zucchini and cactus Tacos. Yummmmmm ❤


You will find dreamy lakes on your small walks in this down town.

IMG_5370.JPGIMG_5394.JPG7. San Diego Downtown

The downtown skyline is so beautiful. Every downtown has it’s own prettiness. This downtown has the best fusion of all cuisines and bars. You can find a wide range of restaurants from Italian to Indian. You can feel the vibrant music and colors as you make your way in this downtown. Dinners are usually the best here.

8. Seaport Village

I unlocked this secret place by roaming on the streets. 🙂 This village is one of the most happening places near the San Diego downtown. Overlooking the waters, this village has some of the best shops with families flying kites and having a gala time!!!

Here are some of the cute little candle and kite shops I spotted on my way,

The Candle Gallery has candles that glow in neon light. Here’s a little souvenir I got myself.

9. Las Americas Premium Outlet Mall

This place is a paradise for shopaholics. Located on the Mexico-United States border, this mall offers branded goods at great discounts. Ranging from MK to Adidas, please wear your jogging shoes to run and grab them all 😀

Note: 1A is the last exit in United States. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

8. Margaritas

San Diego has some of the best Margaritas in the world!!

Grab one and make your way in Old Towm/ beaches as you relax on this vacation.



  1. Uber in this city is very cheap. It costs less than 10$ for e. You don’t need a car for commute.
  2. If you have time, please visit Seasons 52 for amazing “Happy Hour” deals. You can unlock offers on Yelp too 🙂
  3. Please don’t limit yourself to these places. I have not included Sea World, USS Midway Museum and Joshua Tree National Park. If these are places that interest you, please feel free to reach out to me for any additional information that you may need. As always, feel free to follow your heart and be open to explore on your vacation 🙂




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