Chicago Diaries!!! #part1 #mustVisitplacesforDining #FallinLoveWithThisWindyCityIn72Hrs

“She is always a novelty; for she is never the Chicago you saw when you passed through the last time” – Mark Twain

Last week was my birthday! When my hubby asked what I would need, the first thing that came on my mind was “A great vacation!!!!”

He wanted to surprise me and told me to pack my bags just a day before my birthday. All excited like a kid, I started jumping in happiness when I knew where I was heading to….. ❤ ❤ ❤

“Chicago Diaries” would be your perfect cheat sheet to get the best of this city in less than 72 hrs!! Yes, that’s all the time we had. Yet, we managed to make the most of it.

This city is known for its unique dining. Be it the Italian town or Greek town, get to pamper your taste buds with the best delicacies.

Read along for a perfect itinerary to make your trip romantic and fun!!!! This blog covers only the best restaurants you should visit.

Here, the link to Part 2 which covers the places you must visit,

  1. Giordanos: Best deep dish pizza in the world!!!

Something my hubby and I share in common is our love for delicious food and best travel experiences. It came as no surprise that we headed to this destination as soon as we landed. It keeps your taste buds alive. I have never tasted a pizza so yummm!!!  ❤

Note: 1. It takes around 30-35 mins to prepare the deep dish pizza. Worth the wait.

2. Super Veggies is a must try!!!

3. Call in advance to place your order. Would save you some time.


2. The Signature Room

My hubby had planned to sweep me off my feet on my birthday with the most unique personalized dining experience. He had carefully planned it a month ago.

Located in the 95th floor, this place is “The Place” to be for the most breath taking dining experience. If you are planning to woo someone, you know the place you need to take them to 😉


3. Meli’s Cafe

Known for it’s amazing brunch menu, you may want to start your day at Meli’s Cafe!!!


4. Potbelly – Sandwich cravings ❤

Potbelly has the best sandwiches in Chicago.


5. Margaritaville – Navy Pier

To have a fun dining experience, stop at the “Margaritaville” and enjoy the best dining experience. What’s better? Their Margaritas 😀

Navy Pier has some of the coolest beer places too…Relax and Chill!!!!


6. Island Party Hut – Chicago Riverwalk

Grab some food on the party cruise or enjoy the view with some booze by the River walk!!!!


7. Athena Greek Restaurant – Downtown Chicago

This restaurant has the best traditional Greek cuisine that I have ever tasted. Try their Vegetarian Mousaka / Vegetarian Kabob.

8. Mariano’s Fresh Market

This is the best Fresh Market I have ever been to! From fresh baked cakes, pizzas to anything you might have a craving for – this is your one stop!!!


9. Mario’s – West Taylor Street

This special place is known for its fresh lemonade. Open only for a few months during a year, it makes it the favorite & most loved lemonade in Chicago!!

If you are planning to visit Chicago between May-Aug, make the most of your trip 🙂


Note: 1. West Taylor Street has some of the most romantic, cute & best restaurants. You may want to take a stroll there. Located at a close proximity from UIC campus, this street looks very lively & is filled with a young crowd.

2. Reserve for “The Signature Room” a month in advance to make the best of it. There are various brunch/ birthday packages you can choose from.

2. Downtown Chicago has the best Greek Restaurants in town.

3. Navy Pier has the best margaritas/ beers and Mexican food in town. Grab margaritas to go and save time ❤


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