Mission Peak #hiketoremember #mustDoBucketList #adventureFreaks

Fitness is a way of life ❤

After my sinful Friday evenings, I feel guilty about the cheesy calories I have gained. Those are the weekends I go out of the way to shed those extra calories. Being a fitness freak, hiking is something I enjoy doing. I love the sense of accomplishment post my hikes. This week I decided to challenge myself with Bay Area’s most famous hike to the “Mission Peak”!!! One of the best hikes for nature lovers ❤ Soak in the beauty of  massive mountains and gorgeous view on a beautiful sunny day!!!

If you are looking for something to challenge yourself with, this is a must do ❤ Definitely not recommended for beginners.

Difficulty Level: Hard

Dog friendly hiking!!

Target Mission: “Mission Peeker” pole

Trail options: 1. Stanford Avenue – Mission Peak Loop from Stanford Staging Area /Hidden Valley Trail (most popular route; steep climb to the summit)

2.  Ohlone College – Peak Trail (longer route; gradual ascent)

I started my hike from Stanford Staging area around 5:00 pm in the evening and reached the summit at 7:00 pm. The view of sunset is breathtaking. Your way back to the car park is easier as you are coming down the elevation. You can get dangerously dehydrated. Ensure you have at least 2 liters of water. It took 4 hrs to fully complete the hike.

On the way, you will be amazed by the beauty of the mountains, greenery & the beautiful view of San Jose/ Fremont far beyond.

IMG_7376IMG_7378IMG_7389 (1)IMG_7410IMG_7419IMG_7421IMG_7442

The last stretch of this hike is extremely strenuous. Mentally prepare yourself for some challenging rock climbing. The trail gets very rocky towards the end.

Final target:


Note: 1. This hike is recommended for experienced adventures.

2. Water, water, water!!! Please ensure you have enough fluids to last.

3. Stanford Staging Area parking is hard to find. Be prepared. 😀 Ohlone route has better parking. But, be mindful of the pros and cons of the routes.

4. Beware of rattle snakes.

5. It gets very windy near as you climb up. Ensure you carry your jacket.

5. You will experience lot of pain after the hike, so be prepared 😛


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