Sonoma County Hot Air Balloon Festival #travelDiaries

It’s hard to be brought down when you have a balloon 😀

My childhood dream came true..Guess what?! This weekend I had an amazing hot air balloon ride. Up, up and high ❤ I have been eyeing on this event for 3 years now & I finally managed to make it.

This festival is a must visit to view different colored & shaped balloons take off and flaunting it’s beauty ❤ ❤ It was worth my sleepless night. I was here by 5AM to watch the dawn patrol. It was a gorgeous sight!! Make sure to grab your chairs and blankets.

Enjoy with your friends and be lost in the most mesmerizing sight!!!

Note: There are little stalls where you can grab breakfast & pretty souvenirs.

Event type: Kid friendly/ Not dog friendly

Beautiful lanterns that glow in the dark ❤


Here are some amazing balloons that participated in making your day worthy & memorable 😀 Guess the shapes 😉 From the Earth to my fat little bumble bee 😀


Here are the little souvenirs you can buy. From wind chimes to little balloon ornaments..So colorful ❤



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