“People will travel anywhere for good food – it’s crazy!!!” – Rene Redzepi

I never knew how true those words were till I started trying out healthy restaurants miles away after my hiking trips. Being in California is a true bliss for hikers. You get to have your own routine on weekends. All you need is your backpack, yoga mat, water and some healthy snacks. What started off as a small hiking adventure trips with roomies turned into a routine schedule on weekends after my wedding. As I started sweating out my calories, I became more conscious of what I was consuming.

There is this belief that losing weight is all about starving. “Eat right and in small portions” is the key! Be it ice creams or chocolates or any unhealthy foodie option you can think of, if its prepared with healthy alternatives – there you go! Trying to control on your favorite items can only lead to excessive binge at a later point of time.

Travel the world and binge on your favorite cuisine!!!! Life’s too short to save your favorite foods for the last..